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Neal Cummings


Neal has lived in the greater Atlanta region for over 40 years and is intimately familiar with the local geography, its many architectural styles, and its regional landscape requirements. With an impressive three decades of experience in the outdoor lighting industry, Neal stands as a seasoned veteran of our team. As a dually licensed electrician, he possesses extensive knowledge of lighting system design using the latest technology and safety requirements.

Neal's career in outdoor lighting has been defined by a pursuit of excellence and a genuine passion for his craft. His vast experience enables him to approach each project with insight and precision, ensuring that every installation exceeds expectations and stands the test of time.

When not working with lighting, Neal enjoys golfing, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his grandchildren. These exercises calm him and boost his creativity and perspective, improving his lighting design.

Under Neal's leadership, your outdoor lighting needs will be fulfilled with unmatched knowledge, dedication, and a genuine desire to improve your outdoor environments.


Neal Cummings
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