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Our designers take a close look at your landscaping and how you use your property. They consider everything, including children and pets, to create an outdoor lighting design that fits your lifestyle. We'll work with you to make sure the lighting has a purpose and meets your needs.

Bistro Lighting

Make a festive atmosphere for your outdoor entertaining.

Cafe Outdoor Lighting Over Backyard

Create a festive atmosphere

all year long.

Elevate your outdoor space with charming string lighting. Perfect for permanent or temporary installation, it adds functional and decorative flair to any setting. From backyard to outdoor bars, string lighting creates the perfect ambiance.

Bestro Lighting Over Back Patio

Elevate your outdoor space with custom-cut string lights that strike the perfect balance between subtle and functional. Our lighting designers will create a unique and inviting atmosphere that will make your back patio the life of the party!

Using custom string lights, you can create a timeless outdoor space!

We Offer a Variety of Security Lighting Options to Help You Feel Safe on Your Own Property at Night.

Cut to fit string lights

Custom-cut, commercial-grade string lights with tailored socket wire for your space and needs.

Avoid pre-cut, low-quality lights
sold in big-box stores.

Get expertly-designed lighting solutions for any project.


We specialize in both decorative and functional lighting, using only the best electrical products.

String lights by outdoor firepit

Increase Your Home's Value



Secure your home with outdoor security lighting.


Deter intruders and keep your family safe. Install today.

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Light up your home in style with our architectural lighting services.


Make your property stand out at night and become the talk of the neighborhood.

Home Safety


Light up your walkways with landscape lighting to avoid hazards and guide your loved ones safely at night.

Home Entertainment


Illuminate your patio and make it the perfect hangout spot with our tasteful deck lighting.


Create a warm ambiance in your backyard every night.

Our process is easy with just three simple steps.

1. Arrange a visit
to your home

We'll go through your property together and talk about what you need.

2. Get a Quote

We'll go over your lighting design together.

3. Enjoy your home day or night

We'll set up the lighting, so you can have the evenings you've always dreamed of.

We only offer high-quality lighting fixtures and LED lamps made in the USA. They come with a lifetime warranty, so you won't have to worry about replacements. Sadly, our industry uses Chinese imports that are mass-produced and installed by our competitors, which causes frequent failure and replacement.

We believe your home's lighting should be a valuable and long-lasting investment.

Some of Our Other Services

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Architectural Lighting

Deck & Patio Lighting

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