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The Art of Exterior Lighting: Creating Effects, Not Just Fixtures

Exterior lighting has the power to transform your home's nighttime appearance, enhancing its beauty, safety, and overall appeal. At Exterior Lighting and Design, we firmly believe that the magic lies in the effect created, rather than the number of fixtures used. Our philosophy is to craft lighting designs that illuminate the key aspects of your Atlanta property, using the right fixtures strategically to achieve stunning results. In this blog post, we'll delve into our approach to exterior lighting and provide some insightful examples of how we can make your home shine with just a few well-placed fixtures.

Enhancing a Brick Home with Outdoor Accent Lighting

Imagine you have a beautiful brick home that you want to showcase in the evening. Our goal is to make the texture and color of the bricks come to life through carefully selected outdoor lighting. Surprisingly, achieving this effect can be done with as few as five LED lights, provided they are the right fixtures.

LED lights are our preferred choice for brick homes because they can create a warm and inviting ambiance. Contrary to the misconception that LED lighting appears bluish-white, this is simply a myth. When used correctly, LED lights can produce a soft and appealing glow that enhances the beauty of your brick façade.

What sets LED lighting apart is not only its aesthetic appeal but also its long-term cost-effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements. With the right fixtures and placement, your brick home can become a nighttime masterpiece that exudes charm and sophistication.

Enhancing Safety and Visual Appeal with Pathway Lighting

Path lights are often overused, creating a runway-like effect that detracts from the overall beauty of your outdoor space. At Exterior Lighting and Design, we believe in designing pathway lighting that combines safety with subtlety. Our goal is to ensure that your pathways are well-lit for safe navigation, without overwhelming the landscape with an abundance of fixtures.

To achieve this, we opt for subtle path lights that provide an even illumination of the entire pathway. These fixtures not only offer the best aesthetic appeal but also have a wide light spread, reducing the need for numerous fixtures. With our approach, your eyes won't be drawn to the fixtures themselves, but rather to the well-lit path that seamlessly blends into the landscape.

Quality Exterior Lighting Systems in Atlanta

When evaluating an exterior lighting system, it's essential to assess whether your attention is drawn to the fixtures or the effect they create. At Exterior Lighting and Design, we prioritize the latter. Our designs are crafted to ensure that the lighting enhances your property's overall appeal, rather than overpowering it with fixtures.


Exterior lighting is an art form that can transform your Atlanta home's nighttime appearance. At Exterior Lighting and Design, we believe that achieving the perfect effect is paramount, and the right fixtures, strategically placed, can make all the difference. Whether it's accentuating the charm of a brick home or creating subtle yet effective pathway lighting, our designs prioritize aesthetics, safety, and minimalism.

If you're looking to elevate your home's nighttime curb appeal and safety, trust the experts at Exterior Lighting and Design. With our commitment to creating effects, not just fixtures, we'll turn your outdoor space into a mesmerizing nighttime masterpiece. Say goodbye to overly lit walkways and hello to a harmonious blend of light and beauty in your Atlanta home's exterior.

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