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Shine a Light on Savings: Why LED Outdoor Lighting is the Smart Choice for Your Home

Updated: Apr 23

Over the past decade, outdoor lighting has undergone significant advancements. In the past, the industry relied heavily on halogen lights, but now, LED outdoor lighting has become the norm. The benefits of LED lights are numerous, especially when it comes to efficiency and lifespan. Furthermore, the cost of implementing LED lights has decreased rapidly, making it the preferred option for most outdoor lighting needs.

As a result of these developments, we highly recommend homeowners to upgrade their outdoor lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lights. If homeowners have existing systems, we can help them transition to LED. For new installations, we exclusively use LED lights for all outdoor lighting projects.

When comparing traditional bulbs such as incandescents and halogen lights to LED lights, the advantages of LED are apparent. LED lights have a much longer lifespan, typically lasting eight times longer than incandescent bulbs and five times longer than halogen lamps. Additionally, they consume far less energy, with energy usage for incandescent bulbs being six times more than LED lights and halogen lamps being four times more.

One of the most significant innovations in outdoor lighting has been the LED bulb. LED lights enable landscape lighting designers to place lights where they should be, rather than having to worry about accessibility for frequent bulb changes. Homeowners benefit from well-placed, attractive lighting, as well as reduced energy and maintenance costs.

We offer LED outdoor lighting at a highly competitive price point. Their ability to order in bulk allows them to access prices that the average consumer cannot. They pass these savings on to their customers by creating outdoor lighting designs that highlight their homes and landscapes. Skilled technicians then install the entire system according to the highest standards. As part of the installation, we provide all the necessary lights.

The key to great lighting is in the details, we pride ourselves on attention to detail when creating their designs. Incandescent and halogen lights, along with other types of lights on the market, cannot compare in quality and cost-effectiveness to LED lights. That is why making the switch to LED lights for outdoor lighting is the smartest choice for the long-term. Homeowners interested in a custom lighting design quote can contact us today.

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