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Light Up Your Outdoor Space: Creating the Perfect Porch, Patio, Porch or Deck Lighting

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

As spring approaches, outdoor living becomes increasingly appealing. If you have a porch, patio, or deck, you're already halfway to creating a perfect day-and-night relaxation spot. However, effective lighting is key to utilizing these spaces after sunset. At Exterior Lighting Design, we believe in transforming your outdoor area into nothing less than a breathtaking retreat.

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you generally have two choices: fixtures designed to be conspicuous or those meant to blend in. A balanced outdoor lighting design often incorporates both.

Visible Lighting Fixtures: Enhancing Your Space

  • Wall Sconces and Porch Lights: These fixtures are essential for illuminating specific areas like seating zones or doorways. Their broad light spread can supplement ambient lighting. Selecting fixtures that harmonize with your home’s architecture is crucial as they form part of your outdoor landscape.

Discreet Lighting Solutions: Subtle Yet Effective

  • Hidden Ambient Sources: Downlighting hidden in trees can create a moonlight effect, while fixtures tucked under soffits or pergolas offer unobtrusive illumination.

  • Uplighting Techniques: Bullet and floodlights hidden in landscaping or well lights integrated into hardscapes can highlight natural and architectural elements without being overtly visible.

Exploring Lighting Styles for Outdoor Areas

The three primary lighting types for outdoor spaces are ambient, task, and accent lighting, each serving a unique purpose.

Ambient Lighting: Setting the Mood

  • Creating Moonlight Effects: Install wide-angle downlights in trees for a natural moonlight look. Opt for slightly blue-shifted lights, like 4000K LED bulbs, for realism.

  • Strategic Light Placement: Supplement your space with wall sconces or decorative lights on railings to enhance ambient lighting.

Task Lighting: Focused and Functional

  • Narrow, Bright Illumination: Ideal for outdoor kitchens or reading areas, task lighting should be concentrated yet bright enough to be functional. Bullet lights or wall sconces can serve as excellent task lighting solutions.

Incorporating Motion-Sensitive Lighting

Using motion sensors is an energy-efficient way to light up areas like pathways only when needed, turning off automatically when not in use.

Selecting Durable and Low-Maintenance Fixtures

Remember to consider the maintenance and longevity of your fixtures. Opt for durable and easy-to-repair options to minimize long-term costs.

Crafting Your Ideal Outdoor Lighting Design

The right lighting can transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful, functional area for day and night enjoyment. By combining visible and discreet fixtures, and incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting with energy-efficient options like LED bulbs and motion sensors, you can create an environmentally responsible and cost-effective lighting design.

Ready to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space?

At Exterior Lighting Design, we specialize in custom outdoor lighting designs tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Our team is ready to help you select the perfect fixtures, craft an ideal lighting layout, and install a high-quality system that will elevate your outdoor environment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start creating your dream backyard experience.


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